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The Best-Educated City in the South

David believes all of Nashville’s children can learn and succeed if our leaders feel the same urgency for the educational needs of other people’s children as they do for their own.

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Infrastructure for a Growing City

“The Nashville Way” is all about not becoming the next Atlanta or L.A. when it comes to traffic, sprawl and the loss of our Southern small-town feel.

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Holding Down Debt & Taxes

The big projects we’ve built recently have added over a billion dollars to our debt. Add $3 billion in unfunded government employee pension and healthcare costs and you see the problem.

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Keeping Our City Safe

During this campaign, David and his team have talked with thousands of voters. The most eye-opening thing has been the concern people have expressed about crime.

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Book Your Mayoral Speed Date Cell phone

David and his wife Carrington met in the last century, so they never speed-dated.

But they imagine it must be a little something like running for Mayor because, at its best, a campaign would be about sitting down with every person in Nashville for a rapid-fire conversation, to see if there's a good match.

If you'd like to talk to David, all you need to do is schedule a time to have a quick call. Here's our promise:

  1. The call won't last more than 10 minutes.
  2. David will give you the 30-second version of "Why he's running."
  3. Then, you'll be in charge. You can ask him any question, and he'll answer 100% honestly.
  4. Then, David gets to ask you a question. That's it.

Mayoral speed-dating. Interested?

To book a time just email and we'll set it up.