Fox for Nashville

The Best-Educated City in the South

David believes all of Nashville’s children can learn and succeed. But that will happen only if our leaders – starting with the mayor, who sets the school system’s budget – feel the same urgency for the educational needs of other people’s children as they do for their own. By creating an excellent continuum of education from pre-K to college or technical school, we can make Nashville the best-educated city in the South by 2025.

The “Nashville Way” is to find common ground, where we can build on opportunities to grow and support excellent teaching and learning, for every child regardless of situation or socio-economic status.

Here’s how we do it:

Targeted Pre-K

Ensure all economically at-risk children in Nashville have access to voluntary, high quality pre-K.

Excellence in Teaching and Leadership

Recruit, grow and support great teachers and school leaders with a focused and intentional strategy of ensuring a great teacher in every class, every day, year after year, in order for every child to reach his or her potential. Lead public-private partnerships to increase the pipeline of well-trained school leaders and teachers.

Attractive Public School Options

All parents and grandparents care about their children and grandchildren. It’s time to give them attractive choices that provide each student the greatest opportunity to succeed. Let’s boost traditional public schools to higher performance and encourage the formation of more successful nonprofit charter schools, with transportation provided, so all students can attend a great school regardless of their zip code.

The Nashville Promise

Governor Bill Haslam has provided us an unprecedented opportunity to offer our kids a shot at tuition-free college via the “Tennessee Promise” program. We need to own this opportunity and tailor it to our unique situation. Let’s partner with Governor Haslam’s statewide initiative and create the “Nashville Promise,” a personalized and targeted set of supports to transform the landscape of our city’s workforce and economy, one high school and college graduate at a time.