Fox for Nashville

Keeping Our City Safe

During this campaign, David and his team have walked just about every neighborhood in Nashville, and they’ve talked with thousands of voters. The most eye-opening thing has been the level of concern people have expressed about crime.

Crime statistics in Nashville have been improving in a lot of areas, but there are a lot of folks across Davidson County who still don’t feel safe in their neighborhoods every day.

Nothing else matters if we don’t feel that our families are safe. So, battling crime must be Job One for anyone looking to serve as mayor.

Here’s what we must deliver:

Harsher Penalties for Violent Criminals

As mayor, David will work closely with law enforcement and the state legislature to make sure we get violent criminals off our streets and in jail for longer periods of time. The reality is that a small group of hardened, violent criminals are the root cause of the overwhelming majority of society’s worst crimes, and they need to be off the streets for good.

More “Boots on the Ground”

If you talk to people in law enforcement, they’ll tell you the job is rewarding but stressful. Nashville must do well by these folks who risk their lives to keep our families safe. That means providing salaries that reflect the respect we have for what they do and health and worker’s compensation benefits that afford peace of mind in high-risk professions. These moves will make Nashville an employer of choice and will help attract and retain the best of the best to protect our community.

Homegrown Leaders

Let’s vow never to find ourselves in situations like we’ve seen recently in Baltimore, Chicago and Ferguson. The “Nashville Way” is to recruit, support and grow law enforcement and first-responder leaders from within our own community. Let’s start as early as middle school to provide promising students from every neighborhood the opportunity to explore law enforcement and criminal justice as possible careers. These young leaders can become the backbone of a system that protects and reflects our community and delivers public safety and justice for everyone.